MobilizeUS! Resources

  • Take Action NowTake action today to help MobilizeUS! for Rio+20. Check back often for toolkits, templates, discussion boards, and more free resources for action from the MobilizeUS! partners.
  • HIILearn More Welcome to MobilizeUS! and FAQs
    Download the Human Impacts Institute's welcome to the MobilizeUS! campaign and learn more with our FAQs on MobilizeUS! and Rio+20.

  • HIITake Action Now Join MobilizeUS!
    through social media, the MoblizeUS! Google Group or apply as an organizational partner.
  • HIILearn MoreTop 10 Asks for Rio+20
    See our top ten asks from U.S. leadership by downloading the MoblizeUS! Asks for Rio+20.
  • HIITake Action Now Write Your Elected Officials
    Make sure your elected officials are truly representing your wishes for a clean, green society. Download the Human Impacts Institute's template to writing your representatives.
  • Road to RioTake Action Now Rio+20 in the Classroom
    Give your opinions on how we're doing with the Agenda 21 Implementation Survey or use the Rio+20 Workbook to introduce youth to Rio+20.
  • HIITake Action NowHave a Rio+20 House Party
    Tell your friends and neighbors! Download the Human Impacts Institute's guide to having a Rio+20 house party. Don't forget to submit it into the MobilzeUS! resources map!
  • UNEPLearn More What is a Green Economy?
    Learn more about the Green Economy
    through success stories, reports, and discussions from the United Nations Environment Programme.
  • Major Group for Children and Youth LogoTake Action Now Rio+20 and Youth Action
    Are you a youth who wants to have your voice heard? Join the Major Group for Children and Youth's listserves to share ideas and develop actions with international youth around Rio+20.
  • WEDOTake Action Now Women on the Road to Rio
    Join WEDO in this online community and space for discussing views and perspectives from women around the world on the road to Rio+20.
  • CitNetTake Action Now Speak Your Mind on Rio+20
    Discuss Rio+20 and your views with CitNet's discussion forum on Rio and relating topics.
  • Generation+2-Take Action Now Other Petitions for Rio+20
    Sign the Game Change at Rio+20 Petition from Generation +20.
  • AccessInitiativeTake Action Now Other Petitions for Rio+20
    Sign the What We Want from Rio+20 Petition from the Access Initiative.
  • Alas de RioLearn More UN Side Events Prep Toolkit
    Download Alas de Rio's UN Side Events Toolkit to help you host side events at UN meetings and to better understand the Rio+20 process.

    MobilizeUS! Partners

  • MobilizeUS! is a movement of over 100 groups and individuals from the U.S. and around the globe, supporting strong U.S. leadership at Rio+20 and beyond. See below our growing list of our most active organizational partners below and learn what they are doing for the 2012 Rio+20 Earth Summit.
  • 350.orgThe international campaign was created to get the message out about global climate change, to organize the public into a grassroots movement, and to inspire the necessary actions by governmental leaders. They have already put together mass demonstrations and political actions, and are this year using this momentum to develop more forceful climate change activism.
  • Alas de RioAlas de Rio is documenting stories of youth from around the world, showcasing how they are working in their communities, and creating a documentary to be shown at Rio+20 in collaboration with partnered initiatives and presentations. Alas de Rio is also targeting social media and internet communications platforms, to actively engage youth in their communities and to connect with their national and local governments within the framework of the UN.
  • CitNetCitizen's Network for Sustainable Development (CitNet) is a network bringing together U.S. based organizations, communities, and individuals working on sustainability issues. Originally founded to enable active participation in the 1992 Earth Summit, the network now focuses on the challenge of building the sustainability movement within the U.S. and abroad. For Rio+20, CitNet is reporting on civil society consultations and preparations, as well as providing entryways for organizations and individuals to engage in the Rio+20 process. Learn more about their Rio+20 work.
  • CSD Major GroupsCSD Major Groups
    At the 1992 Earth Summit people realized that sustainable development could not be achieved by governments alone. It would require the active participation of all sectors of society - consumers, workers, business persons, farmers, students, teachers, researchers, activists, indigenous communities, and other communities of interest. Agenda 21 formalized nine of these as the overarching categories through which all citizens could participate in the UN activities on achieving sustainable development. These are officially called "Major Groups". Learn more about Major Groups and Rio+20 events, contacts, and latest news.
  • Earth Charter InitiativeThe Earth Charter Initiative
    goal for Rio 2012 is to emphasize the need for a comprehensive ethical framework, articulating shared values and principles to inspire and guide different actors in the transition to a sustainable future. The EC Initiative Rio 2012 objectives are to: Collaborate and help ensure the successful outcome of Rio 2012; Draw government and non-state actors' attention to an inclusive ethical framework towards strong sustainability and a green economy, and show the role the Earth Charter can play in facilitating this process; Present the Earth Charter as a comprehensive articulation of shared values and as an integrated ethical foundation for a green economy; and Invite governments and non-state actors to make use of the Earth Charter for advancing sustainability.
  • Earth Day NetworkEarthDay Network (EDN) focuses on coordinating the worldwide activities of each annual Earth Day and works with 20,000+ partners to promote the environmental movement throughout the entire year. They have numerous large campaigns that push education, legislative commitment, and economic changes in defense of nature and future generations. With their Billion Acts of Green Campaign, EDN is encouraging people to take action and share their actions of sustainability. Already working on their Rio+20 Campaign, EDN is focusing on bring many voices to the international conference.
  • floEarthFloEarth's mission is to introduce and promote Open Source Culture and Innovation as key elements for the development of an Information Age Economy and sustainable future. has been developed as a catalyst to help publicize and build the Open Source Sustainability Imperative as an evolutionary movement to heal the planet and create value for the global commons. For Rio+20, FloEarth is compiling background information, calendars and policy statements.
  • Global KidsGlobal Kids works to ensure that urban youth have the knowledge, skills, experiences and values they need to succeed in school, participate effectively in the democratic process, and achieve leadership in their communities and on the global stage. With Global Kids' Human Rights Activist Project (HRAP), they spearheading a Climate Justice Initiative, which will coordinate over 360 NYC youth to organize and mobilize youth to make Rio+20 have positive policy outcomes. GK youth leaders will work to ensure that Rio+20 results in a groundswell of coordinated climate justice action organized and led by a diverse group of young people from around the world.
  • HIIThe Human Impacts Institute is a U.S.-based organization who works with communities to make environmental issues personal and to inspire effective, positive actions for healthy communities and a healthy environment. MobilizeUS! is a global campaign coordinated by the Human Impacts Institute to engage Americans in supporting healthy communities, good governance, strong economies, and the environment¬† through grassroots action, advocacy, and coalition building. For Rio+20, MobilizeUS! is bringing together advocates for strong U.S. leadership, creating joint outreach campaigns, developing policy, tools for grassroots action, and more.
  • iMatter is a youth-led campaign designed to empower youth to compel action on the climate crisis, awaken our leaders, and inspire others to live as if the future matters through street actions, legal actions and political pressure. For Earth Day 2012, iMatter will be organizing youth marches and flash mobs at Earth Day events around the world.
  • Founded by Dr. Jane Goodall, Roots & Shoots is the environmental and humanitarian youth program of the Jane Goodall Institute. With groups in more than 120 countries, Roots & Shoots engages young people around the world in creating positive visions for the future of their communities, and leading projects that improve the environment and the lives of people and animals.
  • NRDCNatural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has comprehensive missions targeting US legislation, air protection and resource regulation, and the creation of global sustainable communities. NRDC is working to encourage US leadership to assure that Rio+20 Earth Summit is a "success". NRDC is eager to raise the profile of the Earth Summit and to engage the participation of the public in the process. NRDC launched its "Race to Rio" campaign with a call for leaders from all sectors and levels of society to come to the Rio+20 Earth Summit in June 2012 with specific commitments on what they are going to contribute to the transition to a green economy and sustainable future.
  • Peace Child IntlPeace Child International is a UK-based charity with the aim of empowering young people to be the change they want to see in the world. We want to encourage young people to inform themselves and then take action. Peace Child is also coordinating partner in the organization of Road to Rio+20, a global mobilization aiming to inspire and empower youth group to speak out on sustainability and influence outcomes of Rio+20.
  • Rio Plus TwentiesRio+twenties is a youth-led, completely volunteer-based organization. It strives to create a platform for active youth participation in what could become one of the most important international events in years, Rio+ 20. Great projects and initiatives exist: RIo+twenties goal is to join forces and make it more accessible. They strive to create a space where young people can impact our own future.
  • Road to RioRoad to Rio+20, is a global mobilization aiming to inspire and empower youth group to speak out on sustainability and influence outcomes of Rio+20, but also to take direct action and build a more sustainable world through a variety of activities including policy development, petitions, outreach materials, tools for teaching and more.
  • The Sounding Board was founded in 2009 and has created multiple music productions aiming to instigate social change through the arts, inspire new perspectives and cultivate dialogue on today's most pressing social issues. Projects include the Boston Rio+20 Project and the collaborative Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest (organized by IAAI), both showcasing young artists as they take on sustainable development.
  • SERRSiglo 23/SERR (Ecumenical Services for Reconciliation and Reconstruction) is organizing community forums with young adults across the U.S. involved in ecumenical work to discuss how the Rio+20 process applies to their local context. They have also incorporated the Rio+20 process into curriculum, providing models of sustainability that connect policy and everyday practices.¬† Siglo 23/SERR is also coordinating a U.S. delegation to Rio+20, with a focus on youth and to ensuring that people make the connection--from local to global--between social transformation and a culture of peace.
  • Stakeholder ForumStakeholder Forum works to bring stakeholders, including organizations and community leaders, into the international climate decision-making process. They also focus on media and communication outreach, so as to involve as many people as possible in global conferences. Stakeholder Forum has had a critical and foundational role in bringing the Rio+20 conference together, and is dedicated to organizing meetings for all stakeholders.
  • SustainUSSustainUSis a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of young people advancing sustainable development and youth empowerment in the United States. Through proactive education, research, and advocacy at the policy-making and grassroots levels, we are building a future in which all people recognize the inherent equality and interdependence of social, economic, and environmental sustainability. SustainUS will be sending a Rio Earth Summit Youth Delegation (20-25 youth). The delegation will not only attend the Rio+20 Summit, but will also engage in the months leading up to the negotiations on grassroots actions, education outreach on sustainability issues, and provide input into the official Rio policy process.
  • We Canada LogoWE CANada is a nation-wide initiative for sustainability that brings the diversity of Canadian voices to the Rio+20 Earth Summit 2012, and to the attention of the Canadian government and supporting U.S.-Canadian partnerships for strong North American action at Rio+20. More.
  • World Future CouncilWorld Future Council was developed in the mission to guarantee legal and fair livelihoods for all people in the world, specifically in relation to laws for sustainable development. They stress the need for ombudspersons working for environmental policy, so that countries are held to the standards they agree to and for a presence of strict oversight in governments defending long-term social interests. Future Justice is already putting a lot of focus into the Rio+20 conference next year, as their own objectives for ombudspersons may be enacted there.
  • Major Group for Children and Youth LogoUNCSD Major Group for Children and Youth facilitates youth input into Rio+20. They work to develop official policy inputs, organize and train global youth delegations, and support outreach to engage youth in the Rio+20 process.
  • MobilizeUS! Rio+20 Outreach Tools

  • Take Action NowGet inspired by the thought-provoking outreach materials about Rio+20 and related topics below. Then, send MobilizeUS! links to your creative videos on "My Visions for a Green Economy" and "Possibilities for Rio+20.
  • Green EconomyTake Action Now Submit YOUR Video: My Vision for a Green Economy
    Inspire the world with your vision for a Green Economy! What systematic changes can you see happening in the future? Where do you see potential for innovation? Where does the social and environmental responsibility lie? Send links to your videos.
  • PossibilitiesTake Action Now Submit YOUR Video: Possibilities for Rio+20
    What do you want our leaders to create as possibilities for Rio+20? A committment to zero waste? Solar energy for all? Send links to your videos.

    MobilizeUS! Policy for Rio+20

  • Click on the links below to download policy statements, analysis, and positions for RIo+20 from our partners.
  • Official U.N. Updates on Rio+20
    Check out U.N. documents for Rio+20, relevant country and major group statements on Rio+20 and preparatory meetings.
  • CSD Major GroupsEngage with the U.N. Major Groups
    Do you identify as a woman, child or youth, indigenous, NGO, local authorities, worker or trade unions, business or industry, scientific and technological community, or farmer? Do you want to join the policy process of Rio+20? Then learn more about Major Groups Rio+20 policy development, events, and latest news!
  • NRDCRio+20 Blogging from the Policy Experts
    Check out NRDC's Race to Rio blog with updates on government, business, and civil society developments on the Rio+20 Earth Summit.
  • HIIA Brief Look at U.S. Environmental Policy
    What's the U.S.'s track record on environmental policy at home and abroad? Learn more with the Human Impacts Institute's summary of key actions and misses in U.S. leadership.
  • We Canada LogoPolicy Explanations on Rio
    WE CANada has a growing list of policy and outreach resources for Rio+20 including policy statements, background information and more.
  • WEDOWomen's Views on Rio+20
    Check out WEDO's reports and updates on the inputs to Rio+20 preparations from a gender perspective.
  • WBCSDBusiness Views on Rio+20
    See what leading CEOs and business executives have to say about sustainable development and Rio+20 with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.
  • Road to RioYouth Views on Rio+20
    Read and download youth papers and policy statements for Rio+20 as youth from around the world meet to envision our future.
  • SustainUSYouth Friendly Policy Guide for Rio+20
    The SustainUS team is organizing an environmental policy guide for youth (good for all!). Check out their policy wiki for updates.
  • SustainUSA Youth Guide to Being a UN Delegate
    Are you planning on attending Rio+20 or some of the preparatory meetings? Check out SustainUS's resources for delegates.
  • floEarthCheck out FloEarth's evolving list of policy timelines and documents for Rio+20.